Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Oh, was I NOT prepared for that appointment! Neither was Lexy!

She got FOUR shots, one finger prick and got so stressed over the speciman sample that it took her until 5pm TONIGHT to go #1! Yes, she is a camel, but seriously, I think that is a record for 5 year olds, 'nuf said.

She was adorable though. After the shots she said that she doesn't think she has ever screamed that loud. Ever. I think she was a bit embarrassed later. She gets balloons and a treat tomorrow for being so good.

Tomorrow - it's a typical Thursday, starting with music class (let's play music), then dance class, lot's of follow-up on my house building, cleaning the apartment day and seeing if I can fit in a bit of scrapping just to make myself feel good.

Later all...

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